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Why Buy From Us?

There are a few factors that make RiseGuard™ different from the others.

These are, first, the tooth coverage the mouth guard allows, and second, the increased comfort our TP-EVA material provides when worn in the mouth at night.

With tradition mouthguards, the discomfort you feel comes from the added bulky material designed to absorb impacts rubbing against your mouth soft tissue while your mouth moves at night.

Especially true when using sports mouthguards, which are meant to be used a few hours at a time, their extended use and added material has been seen to press, rub, and scratch the mouth becoming extremely uncomfortable. The same can be said for hard acrylic dentist made guards, but on a much smaller scale.

For this reason, the edges of the RiseGuard™ are purposely made of a soft material and designed to be low profile without touching the gums soft tissue.

In fact, the RiseGuard's low profile design not only protects the gums from irritation and discomfort, but also allows the natural movement of the mouths saliva at night increasing oral health and reducing bacteria build up on the gums which can potentially cause gingivitis.


How exactly can a mouth guard cause gum disease?

If a full coverage mouth guard is worn throughout a night’s sleep, the mouths natural cleansing system is hindered enormously. For optimal oral health, the mouth guard must be thin enough to not cover the gums and allow the saliva to flow naturally around the teeth cleansing the mouth and reducing bacteria growth.

Contrary to sports mouth guards that are designed to cover both teeth and gums, a night guard like the RiseGuard™ is designed to cover the teeth’s biting surfaces only. Because gum tissue is easily susceptible to irritation and inflammation, having bacteria trapped against your gums over an extended period of time while you sleep will cause your gum health to deteriorate quickly.

Before ordering your night guard, we recommend making sure it has a low profile design like the RiseGuard™, meaning the sidewalls do not cover your gums.

How can a mouthguard cause jaw misalignment?

Recent studies have shown that badly fitted dentist made guards can worsen teeth grinding due to the use of hard acrylic materials creating unnatural teeth movement and disrupting normal alignment.

In fact, here's what most dentist don't tell you: YOUR DENTIST DOES NOT ACTUALLY MAKE THE GUARD.

Usually, your dentist simply takes an impression of your teeth, sends the impression to a dental lab, and receives a completed night guard two weeks later for only a fraction of the cost you end up paying.

In fact, because dental labs specialize in the mass production of crowns, bridges and dentures, they aren't equipped or trained to produce customized products like a night time mouth guard. Their lack of precision and craftsmanship can sometimes result in an extremely painful mouthguard worsening your teeth grinding situation.

The RiseGuard is the perfect blend between the traditional Boil-&-Bite guards and dentist made guards. Priced at a fraction of the dentist guards and produced from our unique TP-EVA material blend, our mouthguard tightly molds to your teeth allowing for an unbeatable fit, incredibly comfort and great protection. All you have to do is follow the easy 3 step fitting process!