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The RiseGuard™ Story

RiseGuard™ is the industry's first at-home professional mouth guard for grinding teeth.

Made from our proprietary thermoplastic EVA blend, RiseGuard™ is a groundbreaking night guard that helps reduce morning headaches, jaw soreness, tooth wear and disrupted sleep at a fraction of the cost of dentist made guards.

Created by a team of dental specialists who suffer from teeth grinding themselves, RiseGuard™ brings the latest material innovations to the night guard industry.

The RiseGuard™ Philosophy

Like our founders, we reject the idea that mouthguards for teeth grinding should cost upwards of $500. Instead, we believe that the solution to teeth grinding should be affordable, convenient and accessible for everyone.

You shouldn't have to risk pain and long-term damage to your teeth just because a night guard is too expensive. Now you can get the same high quality night guard via RiseGuard™. 

Teeth grinding guards designed for light and moderate grinding.

Hundreds of thousands of adults and children experience the symptoms related to night time teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Don't let teeth grinding ruin your day.

The RiseGuard™ is ideal for mild to moderate teeth grinders & clenchers with sensitive teeth and gums who prefer a softer more comfortable night guard.

Our mouth guard will help you gain control over your oral health and sleep patterns. Every RiseGuard™ package is carefully inspected for quality before we send it to you.

However, if for any reason you're not completely happy and comfortable with the custom night guard you purchased from us, contact us and we'll do everything we can to make things right.

And of course, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is always there for your protection.