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Our Mouthguard Material Explained

Our patented TP-EVA is a ultra-clear rubber-like material that is quick fitting and designed to offer excellent protection yet remain very soft and comfortable in the mouth.

The unique single layer construction is slightly thinner than soft boil-&-bite guards but thicker than hard acrylic guards which perfectly balances both comfort and durability.

Being one of the industry’s leading mouthguard manufacturers, our parent company "Nxtrnd" invests heavily in research and development to stay up to date with most innovative materials and designs known to the medical and impact protection world.

The RiseGuard™ is a perfect example of such research. Made thinner, lighter, and with a more moldable and comfortable material, this guard is the safest and most effective night guard you can use.

The RiseGuard's patented design tightly molds to your teeth without touching your gums, eliminating irritation and possible gum disease making it one of the top-rated teeth grinding guards online today.